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Sailboat Deck


We can ensure your boat remains in it's best condition by preforming a monthly maintenance checklist. Each program is custom tailored to your vessel and covers all systems, cleaning, and support that include:

  • Engine/Generator Checks (per manufacturer's maintenance schedule) : replacing all fluids and filters, seals, spark plug cleaning, grease, electrical connections, zincs, seals, pumps, hose and vent inspections, and proper fuel delivery. 

  • Electrical Systems: battery testing and cleaning, cable and wiring checks, inverter servicing,  distribution panel and bus bar inspections, switch functionality, refrigeration checks, lights and navigation equipment testing

  •  Hydraulics: fluid levels checks and replacement, filter changes, hose and connection inspections, seals and grease servicing

  • Bilge draining and cleaning, pump testing

  • Plumbing Systems: through-hull servicing, head cleaning, pump testing, hose inspections, pump-outs, filter changes, fresh water tank examinations and filling 

  • Topside, Interior, and Bottom Cleaning

  • Rigging Inspections and Maintenance 

  • Anchor Ground Tackle and Winch Servicing 

Custom Tailored Vessel Maintenace Programs: Services
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